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US Cargo

US Cargo produces a wide range of cargo trailers, car trailers and snowmobile trailers. Some models are available with industrial applications in mind or to haul your precious cargo/automobile. Most trailer types are available with an all aluminum construction featured in our Amera-Lite lines.

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What Our Clients Say

“ Any racer should know how great your auto haulers are... the Patriot is everything I needed and then some. It’s trouble free, fits my budget and was easy to finance through my dealer with the Forest River credit card. ”

Andrew W. Johansson

“ I owned a couple different trailers makes in the past. The best, by far, and the one I count on now is yours. I have made around 20 to 25 trips from White Cloud, MI to Denver, Co and the only thing I have ever had to do is service the axles. You just forget it’s back there. ”

Jay P. Kent

“ I purchased my first enclosed trailer, a US Cargo. My family and I spend a lot of time outdoors. We are on our snowmobiles in the winter and our quads in the summer... If I ever need another it will be another US Cargo for sure. ”

Victor R. Richardson

“ My trailer is a 6X10 Trail & Sport for home use. We have hauled my son back and forth to college, moved the family, gone to flea markets, used it for camping, hauling bikes and more. I thought we would use it only a few times but it it is indispensable. All around a great buy for us. ”

Brad Suth

“ I did my homework and bought a US Cargo 6 x 10 enclosed with a ramp. Since then it has been worry free -a real workhorse for me... I’m really grateful you guys make such a reliable and practical trailer. ”

M J Dean

“ As a professional contractor I had a lot of concerns about getting a good trailer with the right features for my business. Time is money; I don’t have any to waste on fixing a trailer. US Cargo had exactly what I needed. My crew is tough on trailers but I’m very happy with how the US Cargo stands up. I would recommend it to anyone. ”

George G Hernandez

“ I heard US Cargo made a quality trailer- I’d have to say that’s an understatement. I put a lot of miles on my closed trailer and it hasn’t given me any trouble. None of that rust problem like I had on my other brand of trailer. Pulls perfectly, like the day I bought it, no swaying at all. ”

Mitch Becker

“ Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know you have one very satisfied customer. You guys make the best trailer I’ve ever had –don’t keep it a secret. Please let me know if you need a recommendation, I will be more than happy to share my experience with others. ”

William “Bud” Miller